Common mistakes when painting walls with latex paint

Painting the rooms doesn't have to be difficult and you can do it yourself with a few mistakes you mustn't make. In this article you will find information about what mistakes not to make when painting with latex paint. We recommend buying Beckers factories from our shop's range.

In a separate article you will find tips on how to paint a room in a day:

Mistake 1: Unprepared substrate

Walls should be prepared for painting, clean and dry, and degreased in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. If the walls have not been smoothed with putty, rinsing them off with a cloth and water will probably suffice.

For most works it is sufficient to wash the surface with water after preparation (surface smoothing). If you want to be sure it's really clean, add a tablespoon or two of mild liquid soap.

Sanded walls should be thoroughly dusted.

Mistake 2: Don't skimp on room security

One of the most common mistakes we make when painting is saving money, especially when it comes to securing the space.

Poor quality protective film that tears and stretches, not enough protective film to secure the furniture and floor, and saved on tape to keep the film in place.

Mistake 3: Wrong adhesive and sealing tape

In hardware stores you can find different types of tape for gluing and protecting the edges. Familiarize yourself with the labels to choose the right tape that will stick well to the substrate and not come off after painting and stay in place for subsequent layers.

Various types of masking tape are available in the market. Your choice depends on the area of application. Blue paper tapes are characterized by high resistance to UV radiation, which allows us to peel them off after a long time (even up to 3 weeks). Because of this, they work when the surface is covered with multiple layers of paint that take a long time to dry. On the other hand, yellow painter's tape made of paper is used for quick work or to stick protective films on floors and furniture. Use flexible or corrugated tape to draw wavy lines or circles on the wall. Strong exterior paint tapes coated with strong adhesive are available on the market. The thickness will not be good when you paint stripes on the wall.

Error 4: No flow, paint tray

Think you can paint a room by dipping a brush or roller right into a paint bucket? You are wrong. If you want to finish the corners, such a solution might work for a while, but the excess paint you draw into the brush will result in your bucket having to be cleaned after first use, and there will be a problem putting the paint on or roll.

The paint bowl is practical, it allows a metered amount of paint, it can be processed perfectly with rollers and wrapped in foil it waits up to several days for further layers of paint.

If you want to make the job easier for yourself, protect the litter box with a film that you can easily peel off after painting without having to clean it for the next coat of paint.

Mistake 5: Don't ventilate the room you're painting

Regardless of what color you use, they give off all sorts of smells when you paint them. You will feel it especially when painting with latex paint.

Mistake 6: Pick the right roller

There's a simple rule: the rougher the wall, use a roller with a longer pile.

Before you decide on the right latex paint roller, you should first buy a product that you can use to paint your walls. It turns out that paints can differ in composition and consistency. Also refer to the color information sheet as some manufacturers will specify which roller to use.

Once you know what the answer will be, choose a roller width that suits your walls - the larger the surface to be painted, the wider the roller should be. It is also worth remembering that the lacquered base defines the fleece length:

  • A roller with short bristles (between 9 and 12mm) is perfect for masking smooth drywall walls. The product not only distributes the color best, but also leaves no unsightly streaks;
  • a medium pile roller (between 13 and 16mm) works well on most of the walls in our interiors;
  • A long bristle roller (over 16mm) is perfect for textured surfaces which are often very rough. It can also be successfully used to paint bare brick or concrete.

Mistake 7: Don't buy cheap paint

Of course, everyone wants to save when renovating and we often choose a cheaper product, even giving up the color we liked on the more expensive option.

If you check the efficiency of the packing, it may turn out that on the scale of the whole room it is cheaper to buy more expensive and efficient paint of your favorite color than the cheaper one, which requires more layers.

Even if price decides the choice, check how many liters of paint you really need by adding approximately 5-10% of stock. Painting rooms is an investment for many years, and if the savings are 5-10 % of the value of the paint, is it really a big expense for you to buy a more expensive product?

Mistake 8: Do not choose paint color in the store

This rule applies to any color you choose to buy from any manufacturer. Colors can vary greatly between what you see in store displays and what you see inside.

It is mainly influenced by the panel with the color representation prepared by the manufacturer, as well as the commercially available light and its type.

Here it is worth buying color samples for the room, and then you will see the color of the wall under different types of lighting, artificial from light bulbs and, of course, coming through the windows.

The product Beckers Väggfärg Color is available in our store with a range of over 50 colors in 2.5 and 5 liter packs. Efficient latex paint from Beckers gives a beautiful decor to any interior.

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