Are you looking for colors for walls, floors or exterior plaster?

But finished colors don't meet your expectations?
We have a solution for that !!! We manufacture any color for any surface.

Choosing the right color is almost always a problem. The best solution is therefore to use a color mixer, as this will give you the dream color for the interior of your house or apartment and for the exterior facade. In our range you will find paint mixers from various manufacturers, such as Caparol, Sigma Coating, Tikkurila, Mapei, Kreisel. We also have dyes for NCS (Natural Color System) colors and RAL colors.

In our shop for color mixesn canen you buy high quality products that are tinted in any color, such as: B. Paints

– for interiors (acrylic, latex, mineral, contract industrial)
– facade paints (silicone, silicate, dispersion, silicate-silicate)
– Impregnating agent for wood
– Paints for wood

Our customers are both private customers and construction companies who make small and large investments.
We are direct distributors of Caparol, Sigma Coating, Tikkurila, Mapei and Kreisel paints.
Thanks to our many years of experience, we can select suitable products for the needs of our customers.

  • When you order from us, you have a guarantee for original products;
  • For coloring paints and plasters, we only use pigments and dyes from manufacturers;
  • We guarantee the "laboratory" precision of the color mixing devices and the possibility of ordering materials in the same color.